Customizable for a variety of printed products

NimboEdit is customizable for any type of printed product - single or double sided, multi-page, with or without layers support; be it business cards, brochures, greeting cards, postcards, stickers, posters, coasters, calendars, T-shirts, mugs, branded business gifts... if you can think of it - we can customize it for you.

Customizable user interface

Skin support - NimboEdit will seamlesly integrate into your visual identity.

Custom interface - On your request we can build a custom user interface that will both visually and functionally meet your needs - from the simplest product configurator to a full-scale online graphic application.

Element-based design

All templates are composed of separate design elements allowing users to customize the design with great freedom - whether simply changing just one color or building a completely fresh new design from scratch, using the custom imported and library elements.

Supported element manipulation operations:

  • Drag / Move
  • Scale (including the fix-aspect toggle)
  • Rotate
  • Mirror
  • Depth ordering (bring to front / send to back)
  • Colorize vector elements (palette / HSL color picker, eyedropper, HTML color code)
  • Font / Style / Size / Align for text-based elements
  • Lock / Hide element
  • Multi-select Tool
  • Crop Tool (for both vector and bitmap elements)

Vector / Bitmap elements support

NimboEdit works with both vector and bitmap content. Vector content is preserved in vector form troughout the complete workflow - from user interface to the highest quality print-ready PDF output.

  • Vector elements library (cliparts)
  • Primitives (Line, Rectangle, Oval…)
  • Vector text with custom font / character set support
  • User vector file import (via vector PDF)
  • Bitmap elements library (backgrounds, design elements)
  • User file import - JPG, PNG (with transparency support)

Design element libraries

Organize your predefined clips and images in multiple libraries for easy user access. Offer your users a themed library for any occasion.

  • Hierarchical library structure
  • Bitmap libraries - JPG / PNG images
  • Vector libraries

3D preview

Shows your customers what their design will look like when applied to a real product in 3D. We can customize your final product look in 3D allowing the clients to see the chosen product color, format and any other customizable option (rounded corners, product folding etc.)

Context help

Hovering the mouse pointer over any interface element simultaneously displays a short descriptive message inside the help area significantly speeding up user's already small learning curve.

Unlimited animated undo / redo

NimboEdit supports unlimited number of undo steps allowing users to revert their design to any previous state.

Continuous canvas zoom

NimboEdit supports smooth keyboard / mouse wheel zoom to arbitrary level.

Custom editor DPI

Customize each product bitmap DPI to match your printing capabilities. Set minimal DPI limit for image-based content to guarantee high quality output.

Internal clipboard actions (cut, copy, paste, duplicate)

Standard clipboard actions allow users to manipulate elements in common fashion, including copy-pasting elements from one layer / side to another.

Standard keyboard shortcuts support

Advanced users accustomed to keyboard shortcuts will be pleasently surprised to find out all of the standard shortcuts work just like their favourite graphics editor application.

Right click menu support

Most actions can be performed via right click menu, allowing mouse-only manipulation.

Fast and lightweight

NimboEdit's client-side engine is only 150kb and most of the user's interaction is client-side only providing a fast and responsive desktop-like application feel.


NimboEdit's back-end solution converts your customers designs into print-ready output files of the highest quality that will speed up and standardize your print workflow.

  • PDF-X/3 compliant PDF output
  • Vector/Bitmap support
  • CMYK color model
  • PDF page boxes
  • optional embedded ICC profile
  • RGB to CMYK Conversion ICC Profile selection
  • Custom PDF image DPI
  • ClipPath + transparency blending support for transparent PNG images
  • Rich black / pure black support
  • Optional spot color support

On your request, NimboExporter is customizable to other output formats (PDF/X-1a, raster output...).

Please contact us for sample exports.