NimboEdit - online graphics editor

NimboEdit is a complete web2print solution that enables your customers a quick and easy online customization of your print products.

NimboEdit is simple, user-friendly, fast and flexible. It will meet all of your online print needs and take your business to a whole new level.

NimboEdit's online design tool is customizable to any type of print product - from business cards, greeting cards, promotional flyers, calendars, brochures to non-paper products like mugs, T-shirts, pens, etc.

Its intuitive interface feels right at home for a wide range of users - from beginners who just wish to quickly choose a design template and change their data to advanced users who will enjoy the complete control over the content and appearance of their customized product.

NimboEdit supports editable templates consisting of multiple vector and bitmap elements.

NimboEdit optimizes your business processes by generating a state-of-the-art print-ready PDF output files.

NimboEdit easily integrates into a wide range of business workflows - from small-business printing companies to enterprise solutions.

Expand your market share and increase customer satisfaction by offering a superior, more personal and more engaging service.

NimboEdit is all about the freedom of choice, both for you and your customers.

Please check out NimboEdit's features, try our live demos and contact us for more information.